BSO Guilds

The Guilds were developed to act as BSO fundraising and support groups.  The mission of each guild is to promote and financially support the Brevard Symphony Orchestra.  This is accomplished through member and community involvement in fundraising activities designed to highlight both the organization and the orchestra.  Membership is open year-round to those interested in actively supporting the BSO.

The Brevard Symphony Orchestra Guilds – North  and South – together comprise a volunteer support organization which serves to promote, sustain and assist the orchestra in every way possible.  The approximately 350 members are committed to increasing public awareness of the orchestra’s activities, the quality of its performances and the service it renders the community.  The Guild’s activities are focused on these major areas:


The Guilds contribute a substantial portion of the orchestra’s annual operating budget, through a variety of fundraising projects throughout the year.  They also furnish essential personnel for major fundraisers undertaken by the Board of Directors.


The Guilds play a major role in the annual season ticket campaign.


Guild volunteers provide auxiliary staffing for the BSO office, as well as furnishing task forces for special short-term projects.


The Guilds share responsibility for providing refreshments for orchestra rehearsals, and for hosting receptions for musicians and audiences.

All Guild members are obligated to devote time, talent and/or financial support to Guild activities and are encouraged to become season subscribers.  New members are accepted at any time.

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North Guild

South Guild

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