Signature Six Series

Visual Concertos

Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 2 pm and 7:30 pm
The King Center for the Performing Arts
Concert Sponsor: Brevard Symphony Orchestra South Guild
Guest Artist: Nicholas Bardonnay, photographer & multi-media artist

Brevard Symphony Orchestra’s 2016 performance of Westwater Arts’ National Park Suite.
Nicholas Bardonnay (photo inset)

SCOTT MCALLISTER | In Praise of Joe (world premiere, in honor of Joe Kreines)
RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS | Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis with Sagaland* by Westwater Arts
GIOACHINO ROSSINI | Overture to William Tell
BEDŘICH SMETANA | The Moldau and From Bohemia’s Woods & Fields from Má Vlast with Czech Journeys** by Westwater Arts

*Photographed, produced and performed by Nicholas Bardonnay.
**Commissioned by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and The Toronto Symphony, photographed and co-produced by Nicholas Bardonnay and James Westwater, and performed by Nicholas.

Beautiful orchestral works of Vaughan Williams and Smetana will be enhanced by the breathtaking imagery and photochoreography by Nicholas Bardonnay of Westwater Arts.

About Sagaland: “Iceland’s dramatic blend of earth, fire, wind, water and ice have made it one of the world’s most visually captivating destinations for travelers and a filming location for many recent movies. Sagaland features the black volcanic beaches, boiling geothermal vents, ancient fjords, vast glaciers and beguiling waterfalls that embody the raw forces of the earth and have inspired countless Nordic legends. Combined with your selection from four music options, this piece is a tribute to nature’s timeless beauty.”

About Czech Journeys: Smetana and Dvořák’s famed Czech homeland has a fiery history, but today it is characterized by rolling Bohemian countryside, wine-sipping Moravian charm and the Old World–magic of Prague—the City of 100 Spires. From dramatic castles and red-roofed villages to the legendary Moldau river, Czech Journeys is a multilayered cultural exploration of the Czech Republic paired with music inspired by its beauty.

Sibelius wrote Finlandia as a veiled form of protest against the censorship policy Russia imposed on Finland in 1899. It was originally part of a larger work, Music for Press Ceremony, written for a fundraising event. The final part of this larger work was titled Finland Awakens which Sibelius reworked into the Finlandia we know today. To hide its true intent, it was most often performed under the title Impromptu until Finland gained its independence from Russia after World War I.

William Tell was Rossini’s last opera, premiered in 1829 at the Paris Opera. The final section of the Overture, March of the Swiss Soldiers, is one of the most famous opera selections ever written, known today as the theme of The Long Ranger. It is instantly recognizable to anyone who was alive and watching television in the 1950s and 1960s. There is much more to the Overture, though. The beginning is a beautiful section for the cello section depicting the dawn. Another section, featuring English horn and flute portraying a Swiss herdsman calling his dairy cattle, leads directly into the famous ending.

Joe Kreines, to whom Scott McAllister has dedicated In Praise of Joe, is well known among the Florida music community. He formerly held conducting positions with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, the Florida Symphony Orchestra in Orlando, and the Florida Orchestra in Tampa, and most recently was Artistic Director of the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra from 2002-2008. He has composed and/or arranged many pieces for concert band and brass ensembles . He can frequently can be found working with student ensembles and is revered for his expertise and insights into both conducting and the concert band literature.

Composers for this program (L-R): Scott McAllister, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Jean Sibelius, Giaochino Rossini, Bedrich Smetana