Administration & Staff

Christopher Confessore Photo Credit Dominic Agostini

Christopher Confessore
Music Director & Principal Conductor

Years with the BSO: 24
Favorite part of the job: Making a difference in the lives of our listeners each and every time we take the stage.

Proud father of two wonderful sons. Loves NFL Football – especially the Miami Dolphins! Definitely a coffee-lover. Enjoys a quiet lunch or dinner at The Columbia with his wife Bethany.  Favorite movies are fantasy-adventure movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and ET, as well as many of the recent superhero films. His car’s satellite radio is pre-set to ESPN and the Broadway channel. A “perfect day off” would be spent with his family at Disney World.


Fran S. Delisle
Executive Director

Years with the BSO: 25
Favorite part of the job: The people she gets to work with

Moved here over 30 years ago from South Dakota so she loves living in Brevard! Can’t live without: her kitties, her friends, playing poker, her pool, BSO concerts and sleeping late on Sundays. Has lots of favorite movies, books and music – too many to share. Best known for spoiling the staff by baking up a batch of phenomenal goodies.


Lesmarie Velez
Marketing Director

Years with the BSO:  8
Favorite Part of the Job:  Concerts, of course!

One husband, one dog, and seven awesome light sabers.  Ex-army brat and graduate of Florida State University, with not one…but, two degrees.  Enjoys reading Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, and Lord of the Rings.  On a rainy day likes to curl up on the couch with a chai latte and watches one, or more, of the following: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Star Wars Trilogy, Willow, Rebecca, Pollyanna, Mary Poppins, The Greatest Showman or The Sound of Music.  The next song queued on her playlist is Africa by Toto. Always prefers vinyl over digital.  Prefers tea over coffee, any day. When it begins to snow on the ski slopes…calls in sick.


Kaori Fischer
Sales Director

Years with the BSO: Less than one
Favorite Part of the Job: Being able to work for a performing arts organization and meeting music fans all across Brevard.



Bliss Carter
Administrative Coordinator/Subscriber Services

Years with the BSO: 5
Favorite Part of the Job: Concerts and working for an organization she has grown up wanting to be a part of, even if it is not as a musician…. yet.

Born and raised in Brevard County, graduated Satellite High School and received a BA in music from Florida State University. Go Noles! Plays oboe and English horn in small ensembles around the community. Favorite television shows include The Walking Dead and So You Think You Can Dance. Enjoys all kinds of music, new, old, live…. dead and going to movies. Proud aunt to Garrett, her 10 year old nephew and an avid beer maker with her father Bill.

Bethany Confessore
Personnel Manager

Years with the BSO: 19

Favorite Part of the Job: Working with outstanding musicians.

Jimmy Cox
Stage Manager


The Old Gal
BSO Administrative Office

Years with the BSO:  Many
Favorite Part of the Job:  Being the home of the BSO!

Home of the Administrative Offices of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra. Located in the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne. Nicknamed “The House.”  Official name is the Winchester Symphony House. Has had extensive renovation over the years. Currently listed as a Historical Site for Brevard County and the State of Florida. Built in 1886…and still standing!  Take that Saffir–Simpson!

Now, some people say the house is haunted, however, they may just be hearing the sounds of  the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra staff…whom we like to keep in the attic.