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Sibelius & Brahms Concert Stream

Jennifer Frautschi, violin | Concert Sponsor: Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.
J. STRAUSS, JR. |  Emperor Waltz
SIBELIUS | Violin Concerto
BRAHMS | Symphony No. 2 in D Major
Brahms wrote his 2nd symphony in 1877 while on a country holiday in Austria. It’s often been compared to Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony, given its cheerful, bucolic nature. It premiered in late 1877 and was overwhelmingly successful. Of his four symphonies, it was Brahms’ favorite. As a young man, Sibelius dreamed of being a violin virtuoso. While he never achieved that level of artistry, his intimate knowledge of the instrument helped him compose one of the most brilliant and technically demanding concertos in the repertoire. Johann Strauss, Jr. perfected the Viennese Waltz form made famous by his father by incorporating more lyricism, longer phrases, and more complex harmonies. His Emperor Waltz was written and premiered in 1889 in Berlin. It was presented as a musical toast from Austrian Emperor Franz Josef to German Kaiser Wilhelm II during the emperor’s visit to Germany that same year.
This concert will be performed without audience in attendance, professionally filmed, and streamed online for a limited time. Donations of $10 or more are requested to view.
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Nov 7 2020 - Nov 10 2020


Available for 72 hours.
7:00 pm


Donation of $10 or more to receive the concert link.


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