1.      What’s your first musical memory?

I loved watching my mother play the the organ.  I was amazed watching her feet move all over the pedals without her looking down .

2.      What’s the next song queued on your music player?

Harvest Moon by Neil Young

3.      Does your instrument have an name and what is it?


4.      Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mother

5.      What is your most frequently asked question?

“Do you have any reeds?”  Asked by my students!

6.      Who’s your favorite composer or musician?

Aaron Copland

7.      What would your super power be? 

Being able to travel through time

8.      Who would play you in the film of your life? 

I like to think it could be Grace Kelly, but more likely Gena Rowlins.

9.      What is your least appealing habit?

Yelling questions out to people in the other end of the house

10.  What is your favorite food?

Anything with a cream sauce!

11.  What is your favorite smell? 

I have two…the smell of coffee brewing and fire!

12.  What is your favorite word? 


13.  What is your favorite book? 

To Kill a Mockingbird

14.  What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Floating in the pool and eating chocolate!

15.  Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Neil Armstrong, George Washington, George Harrison, Hilary Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Jimmy Fallon

Anita Juilianna has served as the English hornist and 2nd oboist for the Brevard Symphony Orchestra since 1996 and as librarian since 1999. She received her undergraduate degree in music from the Florida State University College of Music in 1985. She has played for the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, the Villages Community Orchestra, the Albany (Ga.) Symphony Orchestra, the Walt Disney World Candlelight Processional Orchestra and various contract orchestras throughout the Central Florida area.  Continue Reading…